Honey stick pack—automatic honey packaging machine


At present, we are showing you the sample bag produced by a automatic nutritional powder box packaging production line customized by a customer in Hefei,China. The size is 37*145mm, the bag style is back-sealed pattern cut, and the packaging material is aluminum-plated composite film. The product packed in the bag is 5-15g cereal nutrition powder. The box type is a spray box.

This automatic nutritional powder boxing and packaging production line is composed of GH240BF single-lane stick pack powder packing machine, an automatic bags sorting line, and an automatic boxing machine. The three-part packaging process of bag making, bags sorting, and boxing is completed at one time. GH240BF single-lane stick pack powder packing machine adopts an auger to ensure high-precision cutting. The induction boxing method is disorderly boxing 30 packs/box.

The production process of the automatic nutritional powder box packaging production line is as follows:

GH240BF single-lane stick pack powder packing machine is responsible for unloading and making bags. After the finished bag is made, it will drop onto the conveyor belt of the automatic sorting line, at this time, the sensor on the conveyor belt will automatically sense the bag and count. Then the sorting machine transports and sorts the bags to the boxing machine. When the weight detection device on the sorting machine detects that the weight of the bag is unqualified, it will automatically reject the defective products, and the sorting machine will continue to deliver qualified bags. Then when the boxing machine detects that there is a bag, it will open the box and push the bag into the box, and then carry out the sealing procedures such as ear folding, page folding and glue spraying. The last fully packaged product is completed.

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